The winery BODEGAS MACAYA is nestled in the very heart of Navarre, in the municipality of Larraga. This is a family-run company, founded in the year 1999, with the aim of producing quality wines on our own vineyards located in the municipal terms of Larraga and Berbinzana. This is the result of family life dedicated to the cultivation of vine nurseries.

We feel a profound respect for the nature that surrounds us, for the land, the traditions, the history, and its legacy. This respect allows us to carefully nurture the vine, enjoy it, and obtain the best possible profit from our land.

The prime location of our vineyards, the behavior of these lands, as well as the viticulture we exercise, which is respectful with the environment and a clear varietal differentiation, all come together to favor structured and elegant wines. All of this is what brands personality into our CONDADO DE ALMARA wines.