The vineyards are located throughout the wine growing sub-area of the Ribera Alta de Navarra, in Spain’s northeastern area.

Vineyards prepared under trellising methods with drip irrigation system that balances-out the water supply. The average plantation density stands at about 2300-2500 vine-stocks per hectare, depending on the type of grape and situation. The nature of the soil is constituted by clay soil, with a calcareous substrate. The characteristic microclimate of the area is capable of providing optimal conditions for growth and good development of the vine-stocks. Its particular climatological conditions, which create a singular environment for the cultivation of vine-stocks: dry summers and cold and long winters, optimal rainfall and important thermal differences between the day and night during the maturing period, all of which allow for optimal conservation of all the aromatic components. The fruit ripens slowly, without any type of problems thanks to the long hours of sunshine that characterize the Ribera Alta de Navarra, preserving the levels of acidity and fruitiness.